Bay to Breakers opportunities ---- Comped Entry & Sub-seeded start, Private Bus

On the fence regarding running B2B, then just do it and do it in comfort and even for free if qualified. Here's the deals.
Comped Entry & Sub-seeded start  - the catch, you need to be over 50 and able/interested to run the entire course in the close company of 12 others. Its a lot of fun, really! For many of the past dozen years or so, Marty & I have run with a group of guys several of whom were the originators of the Centipede category. Along with many other oddly fun concepts, B2B features an official Centipede category with 2-page list of rules. A centipede consists of 13 runners and 2 alternates who are somehow connected together for the run. Our Centipede runs the route at around a 9minute/mile pace, as far as we know we are the World's only Centipede consisting entirely of runners over 50, so we are the de facto World Champs. Our entries are comped by the B2B organizers and we get a start in the sub-seeded area - that means in front of all the corals. We are short a few runners this year. This could be your chance for a truely unique B2B experience.
Private Bus - Scott Feamster organizes the only private B2B private bus. Depart from Stanford 6:15am, direct to the start line, great camaraderie on the bus (like forget about napping, this year we'll be singing Beatles songs on the way, yes really). The really great thing is that the bus then picks us up near the finish line and you can stash a change of clothes on the bus. Back to Stanford by about 1pm. Cost is about $35. Oh yeah, did I mention bounteous snacks included? 
If interested in the Centipede or the bus, or just want to know more about either, contact me at
PS. Don't know what a Bay to Breakers Centipede is? Check this video of us heading to the finish line from a couple of years back for a taste.


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