Tuesday Night Interval Training

On Tuesday evenings, PARC runners meet at on the Stanford campus for interval training. Runners of all abilities are welcome to join in the fun.

Time and Location

At about 6:30pm, a brief club meeting is held at which new members are welcomed, and club activities are announced. The intervals start immediately after. Participants are encouraged to show up earlier to have time for a proper warm up. 


Tuesday night intervals are held at Angell Field track (Galvez St at Campus Dr on the Stanford campus). Meet at the corner of the track nearest the Track House.

Occasionally, a special non-track workout is conducted in the Palo Alto Area (see Sample Workouts, below). Club members can obtain weekly updates, including location and the proposed workout, by subscribing to the PARunClub Yahoo Discussion Group.

Tuesday Night Intervals Coordinator:

Jason Epstein

Sample Workouts

The following is a sampling of workouts from the past year. Each of these workouts is preceded by a warm-up (easy 10-15 min run, stretching, etc), and followed by a cool-down (easy 10-15 min run, stretching, etc).

Hollow 1200s

• 4x1200m, (2nd lap about 10sec slower than 1st & 3rd laps), 1 lap jog break after each

Partner 800s

• 1600m at approx. 5k race pace, 1 lap jog break
• split off into pairs of roughly equal running ability
• each pair runs 4x800m as follows:
  - runner 1 starts (runner 2 rests)
  - after runner 1 completes first lap, runner 2 joins in for 1 lap
  - runner 2 completes 2nd lap (runner 1 rests)
  - repeat


• 10-12 x400m, 1/2 lap jog after each

'Mile' Repeats

• 4x1600m, 1 1/2 lap jog after each

Stepdown (Pre-Race workout)

• 1600m at approx. 5k pace, 1.5 lap jog break
• 1200m at approx. 5k pace, 1 lap jog break
• 800m, 1 lap jog break
• 2x400m, 1/2 lap jog break after each

Inverted Pyramid

• 1200m-800m-400m-400m-800m-1200m
  with 1 lap jog after the 1200s & 800s, and 1/2 lap after each 400

Hill Repeats

(on Valpariso Ave from from Altschul Ave up to the end at Hallmark in Menlo Park)
• 5x uphill, jog down after each

Holiday Intervals at Christmas Tree Lane

(Fulton St between Embarcadero Rd and Seale Ave)
• ? x0.9mi course, with recovery jog down Christmas Tree Lane after each

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