Saturday Morning Run

Our regular Saturday location at Sawyer Camp Trail for long runs is closed until further notice. 

PARC members will receive a weekly e-mail advising the location of weach week's Saturday long run.

New members or non-members not on the e-mail list should contact either Mammen Jacob or Edmund Louie for details on the meeting location and time.

On most Saturday mornings (see activities calendar), starting a little after 8:00 am, a PARC run takes place at Sawyer Camp (map and parking info below).

These group runs focus on marathon training. Most of us run about 12 miles. Some do less. And some club members start as early as 7:00am and complete up to 20 miles.

Saturday Morning Run Coordinator

For more information about the Saturday Morning Run, contact either Mammen Jacob or Edmund Louie.

Sawyer Camp Trail: Directions and Parking

For directions, click the Directions link in the map below.
Park along the road (and with any luck) near the entrance to the trail at the corner of Highway 35 and Crystal Springs Rd.

Sawyer Camp Entrance

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