Pi Day (3.14) is becoming our local Groundhog Day. This nerdy fun tradition, started at The SF Exploratorium in 1988. For local runners, what could be more symbolic of things round than running The Dish and running it 3x and a bit more for Pi Day? Well that's what PARC'S Monthly Trail run has in store for you on Sunday, 3.12, Pre-Pie Day.

Of course, one (especially runners) could not have Pi day without actual pie, so at the post-run gathering back at Ray's PARC will provide an assortment of pies! Also, first drinks are on me.

OK, it's not required that you run The Dish 3x to participate. For one thing, one circuit (6 miles) is plenty for me. I'll be walking that & you are welcome to join. So running, walking, or just taking a lazy morning, stop by Ray's for some pie.

The ambitious among you will be interested to know that there is a Strava segment for running the Dish Loop 3x (Clockwise). Many of those on the Triple dish (clockwise) segment are PARC runners and friends including Ernesto putting in 7minute miles as well as Chris, Victor, & Juergen.

We'll start at 9am from the parking lot just South of Ray's on campus off of Escondido. Be there at 8:45am for intros etc.

BTW, the change to Daylight Savings Time is Saturday night.

Going around 3x (3.2miles each) + the out and back from Ray's comes out to 12.5 miles. One time around is 6 miles. 
Here's the map (the text directions on this map are too complicated, much easier to just follow the map):

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