The Dish x3 and a bit - Pre-Pi Day Challenge - Sunday 3/13

Pi Day (3.14), growing as a local nerdy fun tradition, started at The SF Exploratorium in 1988. What could be more symbolic, for local runners, than running The Dish and running it 3x and a bit more for Pi Day? Well that's what PARC'S Monthly Trail run has in store for you on Sunday, 3.13, Pre-Pie Day.

Well, there is even more PI to this, lots more. Kendall Wu, on behalf of Pearl Izumi has secured "some pretty sweet schwagto raffle 

off. This must have tee for instance:

And then at the post-run gathering PARC is, of course, providing an assortment of pies. You are welcome to bring other snacks or drinks to share.

OK, it's not required that you run The Dish 3x to participate. For one thing, one circuit is plenty for me. However, I will mention that after searching Strava, it seems that no one has a segment for circumnavigating The Dish 3x. So one of you could be KOM for that!

We'll start at 9am from The Track House Parking lot. Be there at 8:45am for intros etc.

Oh and remember, change to Daylight Savings Time is Saturday night.

The route is the same as PARC's Monday Night Dish Route, 'cept you just go around again. Going around 3x (3.2miles each) + the out and back (1.4miles each) adds up to 12.4 miles. One time around, just like Monday night is, 6 miles. The route is a combo of the following two maps, click on each for more detail. The first map is the out and back to the loop. And the second is the loop itself (counter-clockwise). Some might prefer to mix it up and do some loops clockwise, its all fine (tho it may not be fine with Strava....).
Stanford Track House To Dish Loop

Stanford Track House To Dish Loop

Park at the Stanford Track House (free on weekends and after 4pm) and run/walk to this less used entrance to The Dish Loop

Stanford Dish Loop-only Counter-Clockwise

Stanford Dish Loop-only Counter-Clockwise

the classic Stanford route. awesome views are just a few steps away. this route starts at the not so common North (West?) entrance that is not convenient to parking.

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