Saturday, February 11, 2017

I have this somewhat ambitious idea for an epic route


climbing up(!) from Lexington Dam onto the dramatic trails of the Sierra Azul OSP and all the way across the substantial ridge to Almaden Quicksilver County Park, 12 miles out. After that, most will want to shuttle back to the cars at Lexington. However, for those up for it, the really epic adventure would be to run BACK TO LEXINGTON! 24 miles & 7,000' vertical!! So, I'm thinking to organize that run for April. Let me know of your interest in that.

So, next Saturday (2/11) let's scout the starting/ending loop of that cross ridge route, starting from Lexington running up and into Sierra Azul with loop options of 6.5 or 9.5 miles. Or by adding an out and back at the far end of the longer loop, you can make this run as long as you like. For instance, here's a 13 mile route 

 ​with 3,500' vertical(!!) going onto remote and seldom visited Mt. El Somboso.

That route also shows the 6 & 9 mile loops. These Plot A Route maps feature elevation, terrain, trail directions, and download waypoints.

So let's meet at Lexington Reservoir County Park Miller Point Parking Lot (off of Alma Bridge Rd) at 8:20am next Saturday for a short pre-run meeting with the intention to be on the trail at 8:30am.

Casual car pools will leave the Mountain View Costco at 7:45. Here's the route from the Costco to the trail head parking lot:
We meet in the corner of the lot near the McDonald's. This early there won't be that many cars and should be easy to find us. It's always been fine for us to leave cars in the lot.

And there's a quite good park map for you to contemplate at:

PS I'll be hiking the 6 mile loop & would welcome company.

Oh, for another time, here's the epic route:

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