Unless otherwise noted, club activities are for members only. The Palo Alto Run Club allows guests to try out a couple of our running activities before joining. If you are a guest at a running activity, please contact the run coordinator and sign our activity waiver.

All members are required to renew every 12 months to participate in club activities, stay current on our membership list, receive email sent to the club's Yahoo! group, and maintain eligibilty for club discounts and other benefits.

Annual Club Dues

Your annual club dues help pay for club expenses.
These include:
• Annual insurance fees.
• RRCA membership fees.
• Food and drink (& prizes!) at club parties (usually at least five each year).
• Special events, such as speakers, parties, and volunteer outings.
• The club website.

How to Join (Click Here)



If you are a member and have not received your ID card, please contact Stan Jensen.

Member Discounts

PARC maintains agreements with area stores which provide PARC members with store discounts. For more details, see Member Discounts.

PARC Membership Coordinator

If you have any questions about joining PARC, please contact Stan Jensen, PARC Membership Coordinator.


The Palo Alto Run Club encourages volunteerism and recognizes members who perform volunteer services. In recent years, PARC has staffed a relay exchange at the The Relay and a water stop at the San Francisco Marathon. PARC member Stan Jensen hosts the Run 100s website and is an aid station captain for several ultras. Dave Ahn and Michael King participate as organizers of the Home Run. Dave Wibbelsman serves as a director of the Run for the Future. The club salutes these and other members who volunteer time and effort at local running events.

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